Marathon Runners
Sports Massage, Worcester, MA

First Rate Attention

Here each client is treated with Respect, Dignity, and Courtesy. Each session is tailored to your specific needs at the time. That means each session is different every time you come here.

I work with all types of athletes:

          - Triathletes, Runners, Cyclists


        - Crossfit, Bootcamps, Weekend Warriors, OCR ​


        - Soccer, Football, Golf, Hockey


        - Dancers, gymnasts

Sports Injury
Sport Exercise
  • If you are in physical therapy and they recommend massage to supplement their treatment, I can help reduce your pain and help you reach your goal faster.

  • If you attend group fitness classes, run races, or actively play sports, I can help you stay in shape, work on the right muscles to aid your training to improve performance and recover quicker.

  • If you are suffering from the stress of daily life, I can help reduce that stress, work on your areas of tension to help you sleep better, improve your immune system, reduce migraines, and so much more...

  • If you run a business, and looking for ways to help your staff be healthier, reward their hard work, and increase their productivity all at once?  Ask me how bringing chair massage to your office can help!


I will help you understand what treatment is best suited for your current state.  Whether you are an athlete in need of invigorating sports massage; an office worker plagued with discomfort at your workstation; a CEO needing to recoup from stress; recovering from an injury or surgery; or want to rejuvenate your body and mind, I will deliver the experience and therapy you require.