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My Mission

My mission is to only do what is necessary to provide the result needed. Each massage​, technique, strategy, duration, and frequency has a purpose. I want to see your performance improve, stay involved in your activity, and have an overall healthier life.

I'm grateful for all who put their trust in me to help them with their bodies. I will continue to learn and improve in all areas that I can. Let's get better together!

Our team


Steve Dozois

Licensed Massage Therapist

Board Certified Massage Therapist

Certified Nutrition Coach

I have always been a competitive athlete, playing soccer and running track. I worked for 8 years in office interiors, learning about and helping people in offices with their workspace ergonomics. It wasn't 2008 that I sought to get into massage therapy. It was also a couple years later after I tore my ACL playing soccer when I got into massage therapy for sports and injury rehab. I saw and participated with my physical therapists how massage is a major complement to physical therapy. That's why I've dedicated the rest of my career  to help athletes perform better, recover from training and injury, and live more functional lives.

I have volunteered at many local triathlons and road races, including 5 years at the Boston Marathon as both a Massage Therapist for post-race massage and on a Medical Team. I will be there again in 2023 as a volunteer, and then take 2024 off so I can run it myself!


  • Board Certified Massage Therapist - NCBTMB

  • Precision Nutrition - PN1


I have many certifications through Continuing Education. Most of these certifications are in the sports, rehab, and pain categories.

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