Corporate Chair Massage

With chair massage we come to you!

Every year, businesses lose their most valuable resource due to pain, headaches, fatigue, and stress...their employee productivity! 


How does this work?  We bring our massage chairs to your office, and set up in a room of your choosing.  Prior to the visit, a sign up sheet can be posted for people to sign up for a 10-20 minute session.  Your workforce gets a chance to get re-energized, reduce some stress, help lower the risk of headaches and other injuries, and feel appreciated!  No oil or lotion is used, and everyone stays fully clothed, so when they are done they can get right back to work with renewed energy.


The cost is inexpensive, and can be paid by the compay, by the employees, or split.  How much is your employees' productivity and morale worth to your company?

Employee Rewards


Show your employees that you care about their health and appreciate all of their hard work.  Research has shown that 15 minutes of massage can help people feel less stressed and less vulberable to injury.


Make chair massage a regular part of your benefits program, and get a discount!  Call today for your customized quote!

Wellness Fairs


Having a Wellness Fair to promote a more healthy lifestyle?  A Benefit fair to highlilght some of the benefits offered to your staff?  Chair massage is a great way to expose your employees to massage as a valuable part of their lifestyle.


Contact me for your customized quote!

Trade Shows


Does your company attend trade shows to promote your business, and looking for another way to stand out from the competition?  Offer chair massage to your potential clients and thank your current clients!  I set up my chair in your booth, and give attendees another reason to make you unforgetable!


Call today for a customized quote!