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We're about helping people move better with less pain, more efficiently, and achieve their optimal performance. Whether you are a competitive athlete or just beginning your journey to better health, we have the tools to help you. We have coaches certified with NASM, ISSA, and USATF for fitness, Precision Nutrition for healthy eating habits, and experienced Licensed Massage Therapists to help your recovery, prevent injury, and repair when you do get injured. Scroll below to find the path to start your journey with us.

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Our Licensed Massage Therapists are trained to understand your activities, common injuries, and how to help recover and prevent them. We use a variety of techniques to achieve our results. Each therapist has different backgrounds. Our expertise includes Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Scraping, Active and Passive Stretching (which we call S.O.S. for Sports and Orthopedic Stretching), Myofascial Release, and more.

We work with runners, CrossFit, Bodybuilders, Golfers, all team sports, Gymnasts and Dancers, Cyclists, Tennis, martial arts, and even office workers. We treat every body as an athletic body.

Our goal is to help each runner become the best runner they can be. Some want to race for time to qualify for more competitive events, while others want to run health and actual speed does not matter. Our clients range from people brand new to the world of running to more who have run dozens of marathons and/or ultramarathons.

Our coaches provide customized plans for each individual. We don't use cookie-cutter plans, but rather take a thorough evaluation of ones experiences with running to provide a suggested weekly run schedule. We have plans to fit virtually every goal. We have coaches certified with NASM, ISSA, and USATF.

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Nutrition  Coaching

To us, Nutrition does not have to be complicated or restrictive. What is important is understanding the science of food and the psychology of eating. Except in the instances of competitions (Bodybuilding, physique or bikini, weight-class sports, etc), we don't like to measure our food. Where most of us fail in day-to-day life is overeating: overeating in general, overeating less quality foods, and overeating at the less optimal times. We do believe supplementation is important, but not required.

Our Nutrition Coaching is centered around helping to make better decisions with each meal, being intentional, and trying to plan out as much as possible.

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