A Little About Me

Steve - LMT, BCMT, CES-NASM, Pn1

Board Certified Massage Therapist

Nutrition Coaching

Personal Training

Hello, I am Steve Dozois, Director of Massage and Licensed Massage Therapist of Massage Therapy at Worcester Fitness and Board Certified Massage Therapist.   Deep Tissue and Sports Massage are my specialty, helping to relieve you of every day aches and pains and working specific muscles for your athletic training for improved performance and proper recovery. 


I have been certified and licensed for Massage Therapy in Massachusetts since 2009 with a primary focus on overall health and wellness, and Sports Massage.  After tearing my ACL in 2011, having surgery to reconstruct it, and subsequently going through physical therapy, I had a renewed interest in Sports Massage and massage due to injury. 

As the years passed, I have added Nutrition Coaching and Fitness to my toolbox to help people achieve goals they have for their bodies and self.  I can be ONE person to go to for help with creating a lifestyle with less daily aches and pains, improved nutritional health, and a stronger body to support you.  Have questions how I can help you with this?  Email me, text or call me!

I also have a B.A. in History from UMASS/Amherst.  I spent more than a decade in corporate business-to-business sales, but never felt as accomplished or rewarded as when I gave my first professional massage.